Get ready for summer with Ada Palka

Hello! My name is Ada Palka and I am here to help you get ready for summer in sporty style. Let’s start from the beginning.


I know the summer season is just around the corner but do not be just a seasonal sports doer. If your decision regarding the start of training was made spontaneously and your main goal is to achieve an athletic body for summer, your determination will last for not more than the first two or three weeks. Changing your lifestyle to more active makes only sense when you truly commit yourself to it - when you want to lead a healthy life and feel better. You need to understand what a healthy, active lifestyle is and make a voluntary decision.

The right approach is the key to success

Most importantly, do not be tempted by uplifting slogans promoting "a six-pack in 6 weeks!" or promising instant effects - "lose 10 kilos in three weeks!". Sounds good, but in most cases such promises are unfulfilled. However, if you after all succeed, such intense toughening up of your body will affect your health or result in a yo-yo effect. All those people promoting "miraculous diets" and workouts that are intended to achieve a dream figure in just a couple of weeks, rarely ever mention the consequences, and these have frequently detrimental effects .


The best solution is to apply a reasonable approach to your new lifestyle. Training is a kind of routine that gets modified to best fit your current needs. Once you decide to increase your physical activity, you have to change your life completely, because training requires a special approach, and most importantly - there is no room for excuses. Approach the exercising as if it was an adventure and challenge yourself with specific goals. Start with smaller ones at the beginning, then more and more ambitious, but still adjusted to you and within your limits.


Remember that not everyone can run 10 kilometers on the first attempt. If you exercise beyond your strength, you will quickly get tired and discouraged by the reaction of your body, but if you gradually increase the distance you will be satisfied to see that you can go further than at the very beginning. This is how you build continuous motivation that keeps you moving.


Things to know before your first training session

There are two very important things you need to do before going to the gym or having your first run in the local park. The first is your health - you have only one health, so it's worth taking good care of it. Before starting any training, make sure that you do not have any health problems and check your condition, both in terms of your body (having completed basic tests such as morphology) and physical abilities.


Another important point is your workout outfit. Let's say you want to start running. How to prepare yourself for the first run? Clothing is an extremely important element of a successful workout - well-chosen footwear and breathable clothes (forget about cotton sweatshirts!) will allow you to exercise safely, without the risk of overheating or an injury that could be caused by improper footwear. Obviously do not forget to adjust your outfit to certain weather conditions - in case of heat, make sure you have a cap with you and most preferably choose the morning or evening hours for your run. It is also worth having a wristband or a smartwatch that helps you control the work of your heart - they will provide health parameters for better adjustment of your training.


It is advised to do your first training sessions under the watchful eye of trainers. Having specialised knowledge, they will choose appropriate exercises and create a training plan tailored to your abilities. It is, therefore, a great investment in health, as you will learn how to perform the exercises properly. This is to prevent any potential injuries and make sure you exercise safely.


How to remain continuously motivated to train?

I am aware of how difficult it is to start an adventure with sports and retain a workout routine. I see my clients also experience motivation drops when they have enough of training and report the seeming lack of results. Training results are visible only after a few months, so it is crucial to be patient and stick to your assumptions.

Try adding music to diverse the repetitive workouts. It's much more pleasant to train with a catchy and rhythmic song playing in our headphones - your legs are raring to go running. If you find that this solution suits you, make sure you bring some extra power with you. I listen to music from my smartphone while exercising and I always have with me the PowerPlay10, a very handy power bank that always keeps my mobile powered.


Another great motivation-enhancer is to have somebody that will keep you company while running or visiting the gym. No more excuses - a friend will take care of the regularity of your joint-training, which will give you a guarantee that this time you won't quit overnight.


Finally, I would like to give you some advice. This is what I say to everyone who wants to start their adventure with sports and wants to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Exercises should be enjoyable to you, so choose such type of activity that will fit your preferences - whether it will be skates, a bicycle, or maybe a swimming pool, it really doesn't matter. Let the stimuli that come from all sides get released, forget about your professional life and private issues. There is only you and your body. This is a special time for you when you can take a break from everyday life. Let your feet carry you and enjoy the moment!