Record-high quarterly results

We are off to the best start of the year in the history of the company. In the first quarter of 2021, we generated PLN 67 million in revenue - a huge leap compared to the same quarter of last year, when revenue amounted to PLN 36 million. The difference is colossal and indicates an almost 90% growth!

The data from the past three months has proven that our Customers from all over Europe are deciding to buy EV accessories more and more often. No wonder, since electromobility is one of the hottest technological trends and is already a key area of our business. We intend to expand our product range with more products in this category - chargers, cables and batteries, so that owners of electric vehicles can always be ready for a journey, near or far.

The beginning of 2021 brought many changes to our company. One of them was the expansion of the Supervisory Board with new members - this is when Paweł Hincz and Brendan O'Mahony joined us. The Green Cell team has also been strengthened with more than 50 specialists in their respective fields.

Before the end of March, our e-commerce channel, Battery Empire, was launched in several more countries. Customers in Hungary and Lithuania, as well as Romania and Portugal gained a new source of Fresh Energy. At the same time, we started preparations for entering the US market and organising a warehouse that will help deliver our products faster across the European Union.

As we've already mentioned, we are about to launch products that will bring the world closer to the era of electromobility. Our R&D department, consisting of specialists in Industrial Design as well as product engineers, electronics engineers and embedded programmers, is working on the projects of devices designed for charging electric vehicles. Our offer will include products suitable for every market where electromobility is an emerging trend or will become one of the cornerstones of transport very soon.

- The beginning of the year has been very fruitful for Green Cell. We have no plans to slow down - in May, we will kick off a key project for the future of our company. At its centre will be the R&D department, which is growing incredibly fast. We want to showcase our specialists, who are designing original solutions every day. The success achieved in the first quarter can be attributed to the entire GC team and bodes excellently for the future - assesses Michał Jezierski, COO Green Cell.

The record-breaking quarter in Green Cell's history is a testament to the excellent form evidenced by our company's presence among the fastest growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times. We will continue to harness this momentum and the potential of our team to deliver Fresh Energy and mobile independence in more and more countries.