Green Cell® AGM 12V 12Ah VRLA Battery Gel deep cycle toys for kids alarm systems for toy vehicles toy car

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Green Cell AGM accumulator with a capacity of 12V is made from highest quality materials. The device is perfect to be used heavily, but also to be used from time to time. The accumulator is based on AGM technology, which means that the electrolyte is absorbed by a fiberglass separator, preventing its leakage. This way the device can work in different positions, not just vertically. This is a perfect and much safer alternative for lead-acid accumulators.
  • Ideal for buffer and cyclic operation - the battery can be used, among others in UPS, electric toys, alarm systems, monitoring or portable devices
  • Maintenance-free battery operation - up to 5 years life
  • Construction preventing leakage of electrolyte - the possibility of safe battery operation in any position
  • Reliability of operation - resistance to vibration. storage capacity in a wide range of temperatures
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Original Green Cell ® VRLA AGM Battery

Batteries are manufactured in innovative AGM technology. Electrolyte is absorbed into sheets of glass mat. Thanks to this solution, the maximum power of the battery is increased as well as the current values and the temperature resistance are improved.

A VRLA accumulator is used in the following areas

  • Alarm systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • UPS devices
  • Emergency lighting
  • Solar systems
  • Electric toys

An AGM battery guarantees:

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Any position
  • Stable performance
  • High reliability
  • Low operating temperature

They can be used used in golf carts, wheelchairs, cleaning machines. A further advantage is the possible use in renewable energy installations. Thanks to a high maximum discharge current (> C / 3) our batteries have a reliable operation in devices with high energy requirements.


Advantages of an AGM accumulator

  • Can be positioned as desired
  • Requires no electrolyte refill
  • Construction prevents electrolyte leaking
  • High reliability
  • High resistance to mechanical damage and extreme temperature conditions


The batteries have built-in VRLA valves, which in combination with the cells type prevent the leaking of electrolyte even in case of overheating or mechanical damage. Technical specifications

High-End design

Battery casing is built with high quality plastic and is designed be a perfect fit


Technical specifications


5 years


Faston 250 (F2)

Capacity (25°C)

20HR (0.60A, 10.5V), 12.0Ah

10HR (1.155A, 10.5V), 11.55Ah

5HR (2.16A, 10.5V), 10.80Ah

1HR (7.23A, 10.5V), 7.23Ah

Internal resistance

16.5m? bei 25°C


3% monatlich bei 25°C

Capacity depending on the temperature at 20HR

40°C, 102%

25°C, 100%

0°C, 85%

-15°C, 65%

Max. charging current

max. 3.6A, 13.6-13.8V(-20mV/°C)


151 × 65 × 94(98) mm




Capacity 12Ah
Voltage 12V
Condition New
Warranty 24 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Total height (with connectors) 101 mm
Weight 3.3kg
Vitality more than 5 years
Terminal Faston 250 (F2)
Internal resistance ⩽25mΩ (przy temp. 25°C)
Self-discharge 2% per month (at 25°C)
Purpose for alarm systems and toys
Capacity by temperature (40 °C - 102%) (40 °C - 100%) (0 °C - 85%) (-15 °C - 65%)
Buffer loading 13.5 – 13.8 V (-20 mV/C)
Cyclic charging 14.5 – 14.9 V (-30 mV/C)
Maximum charging current 3.6 A
Set Screws + caps
Size (Length x Width x Height) 151*98*95 mm
Product code AGM07
Capacity range 10-20 Ah
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