We are summing up the Green Auto Summit conference

The first day of the Green Auto Summit, the prestigious electromobility conference held in Stuttgart, is behind us. An important moment of this event was the presentation of our CEO - Paweł Ochyński. During this speech, he presented GC Mamba, an innovative mobile charger for electric cars.

Especially for you, we have prepared a summary, from which you will learn more about our latest product, the development of Green Cell through R&D projects, as well as our ideas for the future of transport and energy.

GC Mamba - why is it innovative?

Since we revealed that we will present our latest product on Monday, there have been many questions about its most important features. GC Mamba was created to make charging an electric car pleasant, convenient, and mobile. We have implemented several innovative solutions to provide drivers with the best possible experience. The most interesting of them are presented below.

No module in the middle of the cable - electronics in the plugs

Our R&D team has done something unique - they miniaturized the electronics and placed them in the charger plugs. Eliminating the "brick" that most often sits halfway along the cable length of mobile EV chargers is a real breakthrough. In this way, GC Mamba has become even more ergonomic while maintaining complete safety. The plugs are resistant to dust or water and mechanically very durable - during the tests, they endured when they were ran over multiple times by 2-tonne car. Inside, there are not only systems responsible for innovative functions, but also security measures necessary for an EV charger (eg RCD).

Incredible charging convenience

GC Mamba is a very compact and versatile charger. Thanks to the LCD screen placed in the Type 2 plug and the mobile application connected to the device, the most important information is always "at hand". Charging takes place via industrial socket (CEE), which means that the charger can be used both in a home garage and on the go. Just unplug the charger, pack it in the supplied case and take it with you on the road. GC Mamba is a complete solution that combines the best of both mobile and stationary chargers. Wherever we are, we can charge the car with a power of 11 kW.

Intelligent communication

GC Mamba communicates with other devices through popular standards - Bluetooth and GSM. So we can freely control charging at any distance and enjoy a truly mobile charger that does not require pairing with a nearby Wi-Fi network. This will give drivers even more independence. GC Mamba will ensure that users will not only connect the car to any industrial socket but will also be able to manage the charger anywhere and anytime. This is a perspective that significantly changes the approach to recharging energy in electric cars.

Dedicated application

In combination with the software, GC Mamba reaches its full potential. From the level of a dedicated application, we gain a current view of charging parameters, energy consumption, as well as the ability to remotely change power and view statistics. Additionally, thanks to notifications, users can be sure that nothing has disturbed the charging process. The application will be constantly expanded with new functionalities and offers a lot of possibilities in terms of supporting future Green Cell products.

GC Mamba will go on sale in 2022 - until then, we are going to gradually reveal new, interesting features of our product and the application connected with it.

Paweł Ochyński's speech - key topics

Green Cell's path to electromobility

We started in the battery market, and now we focus on electromobility. We saw a niche that needed to be filled. As enthusiasts and users of electric cars, we are well aware of the needs of owners of these vehicles around the world. We want to satisfy them and develop technologies that will save our natural resources and create a more friendly environment. Our idea attracts many wonderful people. In just 8 years, we have created a well-coordinated team of 350 people, including 30 specialists making up our R&D team. We focus not only on designing products for charging electric vehicles and other accessories but also on developing our production - we are going to open a battery factory in Poland, among other things.

The need to decentralize the energy market

Electromobility presents us with enormous challenges. The increased number of cell-powered vehicles is building demand for charging stations. Replacing fossil fuels with electricity produced in power plants will increase the load on the grid. Now it is not so visible yet, but the consequences for our planet until 2030 and beyond will require taking actions aimed at further decentralization of the energy market.

We are committed to creating an efficient energy storage ecosystem at home. It is the backyard ecosystem that plays the greatest role in creating a world of sustainable energy because only they can be 100% green. The use of renewable energy sources in the process of powering electric vehicles and resignation from fossil fuel energy plays a significant role in the process of shaping the green electromobility market.

The development of photovoltaics in Poland has shown how severe limitations the energy industry must take into account. Network congestion and the lack of control over the energy released into circulation are reasons why distributors will be forced to shut down such installations. This in turn will result in the energy gained being wasted. We want to avoid this precisely by supporting home ecosystems.

Construction of the ecosystem

We want our system to include the equipment needed for the entire energy production and use process. In the case of electromobility, it is a charging station, which allows controlling the entire process - the start and end time of charging and the optimal power.

In addition, we intend to create efficient energy storage and use the data sent by users via the application. Thanks to this, we will be able to propose a solution that optimizes the use of energy.

Undoubtedly, you will also need a gateway that will allow you to manage the stored energy and a hybrid inverter that will allow you to work with the distributor's network, as well as create an independent energy system.

All these elements will be designed by our R&D team in such a way that they work together in full harmony and are ready for further expansion.

The future of EV

By 2035, the European Union is to ban the sale of cars with combustion engines. Thus, we are facing a great challenge. The change of direction from electric to combustion engine at the beginning of the 20th century was not even one percent as demanding as a return to electrics.

This creates enormous opportunities and at the same time imposes an obligation on us to provide solutions that are innovative, more environmentally friendly, and at the same time meet the expectations of users. We are ready to introduce a new quality to the market and proud to participate in this revolution.