Solar inverter, or the brain of a photovoltaic system

Interest in photovoltaic systems is growing year by year, as evidenced by data on the installed capacity of photovoltaics in EU member states. - at the end of 2020, it was approximately 153 GW, while the increase compared to the previous year was as high as 18.8 GW. Solar power plants are most often built on-grid, which allows the energy to be returned to the grid. However, there's plenty of people who opt for a stand-alone solar power plant with its own energy storage. With them in mind, we've created the Green Cell multifunction inverter.


Solar inverter - one device, three applications


A solar inverter is a necessity for photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the inverter, you can build an independent power source or provide an emergency power supply in the event of a blackout. But these aren't the only uses for a solar inverter - you can also connect it to the traditional grid. Thanks to this solution, the device will draw energy from the operator and use it to power connected devices or to charge batteries when the demand exceeds the power of the panels.

The solar inverter converts the solar energy collected by the panels and allows you to create domestic power sources or store energy in batteries for later use. The Green Cell inverter is best suited for small buildings, such as cottages on allotments.

You don't have to worry about the voltage in your system being too low. The solar inverter will convert it to 230 volts and make it suitable for the appliances connected inside the house. Simply select the appropriate inverter power - we currently offer inverters with usable power of 1000 W and 3000 W.


Safety and control


The solar inverter is the brain of a photovoltaic system - it maximizes and optimally manages the power output even when the house has no access to the power grid or there has been a blackout. The inverter also ensures the efficiency and safety of the solar system.


The intuitive LCD screen will come helpful during the operation of the inverter, where you can check the current parameters of the device and configure them to suit your needs or the requirements of the photovoltaic system. Complete control of the equipment and full use of all inverter functions is possible thanks to the dedicated software - the application allows for advanced device management and real-time verification of the actual parameters.


Long-lasting and safe use of the Green Cell solar inverter is also possible thanks to numerous safety features, such as:

  • overvoltage protection,
  • short-circuit protection,
  • protection against overcharging and discharging,
  • reverse polarity protection,
  • temperature monitoring,
  • monitoring the voltage of solar panels.


If you want to be environmentally friendly and save a lot of money, the Green Cell inverter will be a great fit for you. Learn about the inverters available on our website and get free energy from the sun! :)