Our first warehouse abroad in France

The first warehouse with Green Cell products was built in Skawina, near Krakow. The priority at the time was to strengthen logistics and speed up deliveries to our customers in Poland. We now have similar objectives in other European countries. Key markets for us include France, where we have just opened our new warehouse.


This March alone, we shipped over 18,000 products to France. Growing sales and the large number of orders placed on Battery Empire, Amazon, eBay and via other portals and networks of business partners was a sign for us that a new logistics space should be built in France. We chose Lisses, a town located 30 km south of Paris.


The idea of opening a new warehouse in Western Europe has been on our minds since last year. Ultimately, France was chosen because it is one of our key markets, with thousands of satisfied customers. We wanted to be closer to them and to speed up the delivery of products significantly. It was a success! Delivery to France now only takes 24 hours, not 3 business days – says Izabela Ochalik, Head of E-commerce.

The first shipments were dispatched from our French warehouse at the end of the previous week, so customers who had placed an order in the last few days already enjoyed the express delivery. Every week, the storage space will be filled thanks to new shipments of our products. We hope that quick delivery and easier access to Green Cell accessories will bring us new customers and business partners.

- The warehouse in France marks a new chapter in our company's history and new perspectives. This is the first step in our extensive expansion strategy to ensure that Green Cell products can be delivered to overseas customers in the shortest possible time. It is also an opportunity to grow our business and gain valuable experience by being directly present in a given market. The warehouse near Paris is home to a very strong Green Cell team - several of our logistics specialists are so committed to the project that they have decided to move to the Seine - says Piotr Maj, Head of Operations at Green Cell.


We have many plans for sales in Western Europe. We have already implemented some of them - the majority of our income, which amounted to over PLN 190 million in 2020, was generated abroad. The warehouse in France opens up many opportunities for us, as it can also handle orders coming in from neighboring countries, including Benelux.