Latest Release of Green Cell UPS App

To meet the growing expectations of our customers, we have implemented a new version of the application for UPS emergency power supply units. Changes are visible at first glance - what's new in the app besides a refreshed interface?

UPS app allows you to control your device from your computer. To be safe, users receive quick access to the most important parameters, review the measurement data in real-time, and configure the actions to be taken when the power is out. With these functions, you can check the UPS load percentage level, the battery charge level, or the device's temperature. Additionally, the application allows you to program the time of emergency operation according to your own needs or by choosing from predefined scenarios.
We made sure that it stands out with a clear interface - thanks to this, the use is highly intuitive, and the software configuration is simple and fast.

The new version is available for new and existing users - to use it, uninstall older software, select a new program and follow the installer's steps. The application is compatible with Windows (from 15.07) and Linux (from 22.07) and is available in three languages: Polish, German and English.

Implementing a new version of the application to UPS is a response to the growing needs of our customers. We want to meet these changes and take care of customers also after-sales. By offering good products, taking care of the user experience after purchase, and implementing new solutions, we build a long-term and solid relationship with them.