Habu - the new, innovative EV charger from Green Cell

Habu is a new, innovative electric car charger from Green Cell that offers maximum charging convenience and reliability. With its sleek and ergonomic design, powerful features and intuitive mobile app, Habu will charge your car in just about any situation.

What makes the Habu charger unique?

Habu is a true 2-in-1 device – it combines the fast charging of a wallbox with the convenience of a portable charger. In addition, the charger has a unique design – all electronic components are hidden in the plugs, eliminating the need for an additional module. Such a solution makes the charger extremely handy and pleasant to use. The built-in LCD display makes it easy for you to monitor the charging progress, including current charging power, charging time and added power. In addition, a dedicated mobile app allows you to remotely check all necessary statistics, charging costs and allows you to control the current charging session. It is worth noting that the setup of the Habu charger is quick and easy. Download the dedicated app from Google Play or the App Store, or scan the QR code included in the user guide and set up a connection with your charger.


What else sets Habu apart from other EV chargers?

- A 2-in-1 solution that's ideal as a wallbox and is well suited for traveling, or when you're visiting family or friends - you no longer need to buy two chargers separately;

- The aforementioned built-in LCD and a function key that provides easy control of the charger;

- Ergonomic design, and haptic feedback that create a rich user experience;

- Ease of installation – just plug the Habu into a power outlet;

- Maximum charging power of 11 kW;

- 7 m cable length;

- Thanks to a dedicated app and integrated Bluetooth and GSM modules, you can control the entire charging process remotely no matter where you are. Through the app, you can check the charging statistics of both the current session and past sessions, and thanks to the tariff refill option, you can easily monitor the cost of electricity consumption;

- High-quality safety – built-in residual current circuit breaker RCD type AC + DC, and strong construction that can withstand being run over by a car;

- Habu has IP55 water resistance, so it is not intimidated by harsh weather conditions;

- Can withstand extreme temperatures, from -25 ℃ to +45 ℃;

- Open the charging port, end the charging session, and unlock the plug, all without having to use the car screen or app (available for Tesla models S, 3, X, Y);

- Built-in LED flashlight to help you plug in the charger in the dark;

The Habu charger comes with a 24-month warranty, you can find it at our Green Cell online store.

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