Green Cell voltage converters useful for every journey

Electricity is used all over the world, but not every place uses the same wall sockets. Depending on the country we are currently in, we may encounter different types of plugs. This is particularly inconvenient for people who travel frequently, because they always have to carry the appropriate adapter with them. However, this doesn't solve the entire problem. Depending on the type of socket, the voltage may turn out to be too low or too high to safely plug in the equipment you've brought with you.

We have a simple solution for this! There are new devices in the Green Cell offer that handle such situations very well - voltage converters.

Operate in every corner of the world


A voltage converter, also known as a transformer, enables both the reduction of the alternating voltage from 230 V to 110 V as well as its increase - from 110 V to 230 V, depending on the chosen configuration and type of socket. To ensure the greatest possible versatility, the device is equipped with three different types of electrical sockets:


  •      Type F (230 V) - the most popular standard in Europe, used in countries such as Poland, Italy, France, Germany and Spain
  •      Type G (230 V) - among others used in the UK, Hong Kong, UAE
  •      Type B (110 V) - among others used in the United States, Canada, and Japan


As you can see, the above standards are not only distinguished by their shape, but also by the different voltages used in the home socket. To change this value with the GC converter, simply use the button located on the back of the transformer and select the voltage you need. With this option, the Green Cell device combines the functions of converter and adapter in one product!


Discover the possibilities of the GC converter


The transformers are available in three versions: 400 W/500 W, 800 W/1000 W and 1600 W/2000 W, so they allow you to connect both the higher and lower power devices - depending on your needs. The first value is usable power, i.e. continuous one, while the latter indicates instantaneous power (impulse), i.e. the one that the transformer is able to obtain once in a while. Efficiency at the level of 98% allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of devices connected to it.


Heart of the transformer


To make the device, we've used the toroidal core that ensures uncompromising silence during the operation of the converter. It's perfect for noise-sensitive rooms - whether in a recording studio or in a room with a sleeping toddler.


The toroidal core used affects the very high operational efficiency, translating into a lower electricity consumption. As such, it's also an economical device, thanks to which you won't use more power than your equipment requires.


Safety above all


Green Cell transformers are equipped with replaceable fuses that work regardless of the voltage you choose. This makes the use of the converter totally safe.


Additional advantage of the transformers is the function of soft start, which is included in the 1600 W/2000 W converter. Thanks to it, the connected devices don't turn on instantly with the most powerful mode (which could damage them or knock the equipment out of your hand). The "soft start" ensures a smooth start-up of the products.


If you found our new products interesting, please visit the voltage converters tab and choose the product that best meets your expectations! :)