Great power in a small package - GC PowerGaN 33 W

The new charger from Green Cell delivers 33 W of power in a very small size. It will be perfect for powering your favorite accessories at home, on the go, or at work.

The GC PowerGaN 33 W was created by Green Cell engineers with the most demanding customers in mind, who appreciate the product's quality and power, paired with a pocket-sized design. Like the GC PowerGaN 65 W, we substituted silicon with components made of gallium nitride to develop the charger. This solution makes the charger more efficient and safer, while remaining incredibly energy efficient.

Small but versatile

The GC PowerGaN 33 W not only stands out for its small size, but is also incredibly convenient to use. With a USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 port and 33 W of power, you can quickly charge devices such as your phone, headphones, tablet, laptop or even a portable console. In addition, it is up to 50% smaller than standard chargers weighing just as much as a medium egg (about 52 g), a definite advantage for anyone who values lightweight luggage. If you need a reliable small charger then the GC PowerGaN is a great choice.

The all-rounder

The PowerGaN 33 W charger is perfect for any situation. Thanks to its pocket size and lightweight, it will be great as a power source at home, at work, and especially, on the go.

Additionally, in our offer you'll find products that are great matches for the PowerGaN 33 W, such as GC Powerplay 10s, 20s and Ultra powerbanks, GC PowerStream cables and GC PowerBoost car starter.

The charger is available in two colors: black and white.

Get the GC PowerGaN here.

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