GC PowerMove - e-bike batteries designed and assembled in our factory!

This spring's most electrifying premiere - our electric bike battery is already available for purchase!

GC PowerMove are the latest electric bicycle batteries designed by our R&D team. Each model was assembled in the Green Cell factory, which is located in Balice near Kraków.

The heart of your bike - GC PowerMove under a magnifying glass

The first battery to be available for purchase has a capacity of 14.5 Ah (522 Wh) and a voltage of 36 V. Its power will allow efficient power supply for demanding engines, and depending on which engine operating mode you choose (ECO or Turbo), it will allow you to drive from 60 to 130 km on a single charge. Importantly, the use of high-quality cells, which come from proven and trusted suppliers, will allow the battery to remain in good condition even after 700 charging cycles. The battery is also equipped with an intelligent BMS system, which manages charging and giving off energy while driving and provides all the necessary protections for safe operation.

A true long-distance runner

The fact that we were able to choose the components that are included in the battery and the whole range of tests that we have conducted during assembly makes us sure of its quality. That's why GC PowerMove comes with a 24-month warranty.

Components such as the charger, mounting rail and anti-theft lock keys are sold with the battery. The retail price of the first GC PowerMove model is £329,95.