Adrianna Palka & Green Cell - Sport and Passion the source of #FreshEnergy

Graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, personal trainer, author of the „Train My Way” training method for sports e-book, fitness influencer - to put it briefly –a super girl. Who are we talking about?

Ada Pałka, some time ago Ada became the ambassador of the Green Cell brand.

The scheduled interview with Ada Palka takes place in our office in Kraków, as soon as she enteres, she spreads a wave of energy and positive attitude. Despite the fact that she has just finished a few hours of work with her clients, she's not tired in fact, we can only sense the desire to continue hard work.

Kasia: What is your recipe for keeping the batteries in your body charged? You lead a very active lifestyle. Where do you get so much energy from?

Ada: It may sound too easy and unreal, but my daily driving force is my work. I like people and I like sports a lot, and I'm very lucky to be able to combine these two components together in my work. I am happy to share my passion with others. Also, many new people come to my training sessions, that is why I never get bored with my job.
 It is what I do and the people I do it with that bind and organize my life. In fact, every day, it's a new challenge for me and that is absolutely beautiful, this gives me a
lot of strength.

K: You come from Cieszyn. What drove you to Krakow?

A: I came to Krakow to study at the AWF. Studies were definitely the best time of my life. Also, I found a job here and was able to fully engage myself at my job as a fitness instructor. That's why, at the moment, this is a perfect place for me to live and work.

K: So sport has become your everyday life ever since you started university in Krakow?

A: Absolutely not! <Laughs> Sport has accompanied me all my life. My grandparents and parents have also finished the AWF. It is them, that taught me, that physical activity is not only a necessity, but above all a great way to live. From an early age, I tried different sports: from swimming, skiing, tennis and team games to running, which has become my passion over time.

K: And what about fitness and personal training?

A: As mentioned before, I love sports as much as I love working with people. The possibility of personal training is such a natural combination of these two. Sport motivates me to take up new challenges and ideas. It allows me to help others achieve their goals too. I love to motivate others to exercise and make changes in life. It is wonderful to see a smile on the face of clients who achieve their goals. It fuels me up to go further.

Fitness and working with people gives an endless field of possibilities and development.

Furthering my knowledge about the human body and the effect of sport, I created my own original „Train My Way” training method ("3x3x30 - is a short, intensive interval effort – that means 3 series consisting of 3 exercises, each lasting 30 seconds).

As you can see my work is varied, there is no monotony, which often has a destructive effect on many people and leads to a routine.

K: Okay, so tell me what your typical working day looks like

A: Usually my alarm clock is set to 6.00 am. An hour later I am ready and I leave the house for my first workouts, often indoors, but I also carry out some cross-country trainings. During the day I conduct about 7 trainings. My work also includes various projects which means I attend many meetings. I spend most of the day outside of home.

Every day I also try to find time for personal development. In the profession of a personal trainer you can't miss the aspect of self development. because apart from the fact that a personal trainer should have a proper education in anatomy, physiology and functioning of the human body, we also have to keep up to date with new methods and sport trends so that clients can achieve the best possible results. In addition, I also run a blog, a channel on Instagram and I have just finished working on my second e-book, which will soon appear on the market.

K: How do you prepare for such a long day? and what do you take with you? Do you take a backpack , a bag or maybe a suitcase?

A: I always have a water bottle with me as well as a lip balm and a notebook with a pen, even though I use an online calendar, I like to have everything written down. I don't leave without a phone either because I use it all the time- I make calls, arrange appointments, write emails. I also take a power bank with me. It is such an inconspicuous gadget, yet so important, I think everyone whose phone died out of nowhere can relate.

K: A Phone and a power bank... are there any other electronic gadgets that you use?

A: As an athlete, I can't imagine working without a smart watch, because it helps me a lot in organizing and optimizing my trainings. Apart from that, I also use a laptop and wireless headphones every day as well as a sports camera.

K: Is technology a necessity in your life or just an addition you could do without?

A: I like to surround myself with professional equipment, it is necessary in my work. But I have to admit that I love new gadgets.I follow technological novelties and I like to test newest items on the tech market. If, in addition, the equipmentis well designed and looks pretty, it certainly catches my eye.

K: Is there something out of our offer that you didn’t know about before meeting us and now you can’t live without?

A: I must admit that it wasn't until I found your Green Cell GC AirJuice 15W with quick charge. It became a valuable and reliable device that accompanies me every day.

K: Do you think technology makes life easier?

A: It definitely makes life easier. I can't imagine life without electronics. It's what makes us more mobile. Without electronics we couldn't be in constant contact with people who are far away. Of course, we have to keep common sense in the use of technology just as in every otheraspect of life to keep balance.

K: And what are your life values?

A: I love to encourage others to bephysicallyactive andmotivate them to maintaina healthy lifestyle. People who live actively have much more strengthto move forward. They are not afraid to take risks and challenges, they feel content with themselvesand fulfil their dreams. Sport disciplines and educates. Through training I have developedplanning skills,social skillsand resilience. This is what I try to pass on to the people who train with me.

K: What do you wish for in the near future?

A: First of all, I wish for health and even more energy to achieve my goals and plans. I want to continue to conquer the world, to havedreams and make themcome true. I also want to believe that thanks to what I do I will be able to help someone.

K: I wish that for you too then andI keep my fingers crossed so that everything will work out. Thanks for thetalk.

A: Thank you.

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