Green Cell PowerPlay20s Caricabatterie Portatile 20000mAh 22.5W PD USB C Powerbank con Ricarica Rapida per iPhone 15 14 13 12

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  • Grande capacità 20000 mAh, potenza totale 22,5W - energia sufficiente per ricaricare rapidamente i dispositivi mobili.
  • Versatilità e compatibilità - ricarica più rapida, possibilità di ricaricare dispositivi di elevata domanda d’energia grazie a porte USB-C2 con la funzione Power Delivery; USB-C3 e USB-A con la funzione QuickCharge 3.0
  • Low Power Mode - modalità dedicata all'alimentazione dei dispositivi a basso consumo d’energia che gli impedisce di spegnersi automaticamente
  • Celle ai polimeri di litio durevoli - eccellente longevità che consente di mantenere il 70% della capacità iniziale dopo 300 cicli di ricarica. È come se ricaricassi l’iPhone 15 1350 volte e potessi ancora usare il powerbank senza problemi
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PowerPlay 20s

The Powerbank PowerPlay20s enables you to charge your devices faster and more efficiently with 22.5W of power.

more powerful
than its predecessor
- PowerPlay20
PowerPlay 20s
charge iPhone 15
charge Samsung S23
charge Xiaomi 13

More USB-C ports

Charging versatility to the latest standards

With more USB-C ports supporting higher charging powers and ensuring compatibility with the latest standards, the Powerbank PowerPlay20s can definitely do more. It provides efficient and fast charging for several devices at the same time. So you only need one device to support all your devices.

PowerPlay 20s sketch
Low Power devices

Low Power Mode

Great power - even for small devices

The new Low Power Mode feature ensures that the powerbank does not switch off when charging devices with low power requirements.

Low Power Mode lasts for 2 hours and then switches to standard mode, which is sufficient to charge small electronics while ensuring that the powerbank does not accidentally completely discharge itself.

Press the button 2 times to activate the mode to prevent the powerbank from shutting down on its own and seamlessly charge smartwatches, smartbands, headphones or other small devices.

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Unlimited compatibility

for all your devices

The PowerPlay20s offers multi-protocol compatibility, allowing you to charge virtually any device. From watches to smartphones, iPads, cameras and much more, you can always count on reliable power for your devices.

PowerPlay 20s lifestyle photo
PowerPlay 20s render

Highest quality cells

Durability affecting daily use

The lithium-polymer cells used in the PowerPlay20s have an excellent lifespan, retaining 70% of their initial capacity after 300 charging cycles. That's like charging your iPhone 15


times and still being able to use the powerbank freely. You will sooner replace your phone with a new one than think about a new powerbank!

PowerPlay 20s

Highest level of safety

Charge without fear

The capacious Green Cell PowerPlay20s powerbank is not only about the convenience of fast charging.We use advanced electronic components that constantly keep an eye on the device's operation to ensure absolute safety at all times.

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Battery icon
against deep
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Short circuit
Monitoring temperature icon
PowerPlay 20s colours

Extended colour range

A style that expresses your uniqueness

In addition to the version in classic Panther Black, there is now also a choice of housing in the Snow White variant. Choose the colour that suits your lifestyle, emphasise your individuality. Most important: the colour goes hand in hand with the technology. The polymer used to create the casing is self-extinguishing (non-flammable) so that the GC PowerPlay20s combines an unusual design with a high level of safety.

PowerPlay 20s
PowerPlay 20s packaging


Environmental responsibility

Our eco-friendly packaging created with 99% recyclable materials is an expression of care for the Planet, while remaining a sign of the highest quality of our products.


Capacità 20000 mAh
Potenza 22.5W
Tipo di pile Litio-polimero
Ingresso USB-C1/C2: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (Max. 18W)
Tecnologia di ricarica Green Cell Ultra Charge
Supporto per la ricarica rapida Power Delivery 2.0 / 3.0, Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0, FCP / AFC / SFCP, Support low / high voltage SCP, MTK PE 1.1 & 2.0, USB C DRP, BC 1.2 / Apple / Samsung, PPS support 5~11V adjustable voltage with 20mV / Step
Pass-Through Si
Protezione surriscaldamento Si
Protezione da scarica profonda
Protezione da sovraccarico
Colore Nero; Panther black
Garanzia 12 mesi
Dimensioni 139,8x72,3x24,8mm
Peso 450g
Modello PowerPlay20s
Numero di uscite 3
Uscita USB-C2: 5V/3A, 9V/2.23A, 12V/1.67A (Max. 22.5W) + (PPS 5~11V,20mV/step); USB-C3/A1: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (Max. 18W)
Codice del prodotto PBGC03S
Ricarica di dispositivi a basso consumo di corrente Sì; Low Power Mode si attiva premendo due volte il logo GC.
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