Green Cell Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS 2000VA 1400W with LCD Display Pure Sine Wave | EU VERSION | 2x Schuko 2x IEC Sockets

  • The Green Cell UPS emergency power supply provides full protection for any connected equipment during power loss and voltage spikes. With it you can safely save your work and safely switch off the device.
  • With a total power of 1400W and an apparent power of 2000VA, the UPS is equipped with AGM Green Cell batteries which provide stable parameters for your equipment.
  • Using the latest technology, we have achieved a maximally short time to switch UPS into battery power mode of 2-6 milliseconds and a back-up time of even 60 min depending on the load.
  • Easy to use software provides comprehensive options for managing the UPS from the computer. Send notifications, program emergency operation time, analyze real-time graphs and much more.
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249,95 €
What is a UPS?
What is it used for?

An uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) is a device whose purpose is to provide power when our apartment or workplace runs out of electricity. Sudden power cut can cause loss of important data, but also damage to electronic equipment. Thanks to an emergency power supply you will be given time to save the effects of your work and safely switch off the device. UPS can take over the role of a mains socket and provide backup power even in the event of large and long-lasting voltage fluctuations. When there is current in the socket, the UPS accumulates energy in the battery and thus provides the devices connected with appropriate surge protection.

Alarm systems
Always under control

In order to make it possible to use of the functions of a Green Cell UPS, special dedicated software has been created to enable advanced management of the device. The application ensures simple and intuitive use without any problems. The program enables preview in real time and displays measurement data including input and output voltages, load frequency of the UPS, its temperature and battery capacity. You can setup automatic system shut-off, notifications and email warnings in the event of switching to batter operation. You can find out about these and other functions by downloading the software HERE.

With attention to detail

When designing our UPS’s, we took care of every aspect. By combining maximum functionality with unique design we created a device that will look great in every setting. What is more, to make using the UPS more comfortable we equipped it with an easy-to-read LCD display which will inform you about many parameters that are essential for the operation of the supply.

Type of UPS

Line interactive: UPS’s with line-interactive AVR topology are an improved version of offline power supply. They have been equipped with an automatic voltage stabiliser which protects not only against loss of supply voltage but also against line interference. These power supplies guarantee full security of all equipment connected to the UPS.

Essential parameters
Power rating

This informs you how many and what sort of devices the UPS is able to supply with electricity. In order to meet users’ requirements, Green Cell UPS’s have been equipped with top quality AGM batteries which can have a lifetime of up to 5 years of operation and thereby ensure the best efficiency.

Switching time

It determines how quickly the UPS will respond to power outages. The lower its value, the better the UPS. Uninterruptible Power Supplies by Green Cell guarantee the lowest switching times, so they immediately respond to power outages, ensuring complete security and safety for your documents and devices.

Why a pure sinusoid?

Selecting a UPS with a pure (otherwise full) sinusoid is the safest solution, because it is the same current as in the sockets in England. An UPS with such a signal allows you to power all devices, even the most sensitive to current parameters. Choosing a pure sine wave, you do not have to worry about the work of connected devices!

  • LCD Display
  • 2x Network output (Schuko)
  • USB port
  • RJ45 sockets
  • 3x IEC
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof
GC PowerProof


Battery 2 x 12V/9Ah
Power 1400W
Condition New
Warranty 24 months (12 months for battery)
Manufacturer Green Cell
Dimensions 380x158x198mm
Weight 11kg
Type Tower
Input Voltage 220/230/240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 230V AC
Output frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (automatic detection)
Response time 2-6 ms
Sine wave type Pure sine wave
Return policy up to 30 days
Charging time 6-8 h
Communication USB
Sockets 2x Schuko +3x IEC
Apparent power 2000VA-3000VA
Topology Line-Interactive AVR
Protections thermal, overvoltage, short-circuit
Protection against overvoltage RJ45
Product code UPS09
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Bin so zufrieden das ich mir gleich zwei gekauft habe.

Coole Günstige usv die echt leicht zu bedienen ist (1 knopf) mit cooler und einfacher software bin echt begeistert

Die erste bei amazon leider mit einem Defekten akku denke weil sie zu lange gelagert wurde also noch 2 akkus extra gekauft.

Die zweite usv Hier im shop die mit vollen akkus geliefert wurde zu dem ist die usv Hier günstiger und der versand genau so schnell.


Używany jest na co dzień w biurze w razie nagłego zaniku napięcia w gniazdku. Przetestowaliśmy go wspólnie z informatykiem i przy poborze mocy rzędu 500W czas działania na w pełni naładowanych akumulatorach wynosi ponad 7 minut, co jest dobrym wynikiem w tej klasie cenowej.


Funktioniert wie es soll


This UPS 2000VA/1400W is pretty powerfull and very cheap for this range of device. The software is a bit old (NT4 style) but it seems to do the job. In order that the software recognizes the UPS you must select the option MegaUSB in the communication type setting (Settings/General Tab). The onl annoying thing is that you can't modify the lightning setting for the display. This green LCD is pretty powerfull and it would have been useful if you could have this setting. In terms of connections my model has 2 Schuko outlets and 2 IEC which give plenty of connection options. For the moment I have connected 2 power strips on the Schuko outlets. The 2 IEC outlets give me the opportunity to connect 2 other power strips. Of course note that you must not connect more devices that your main outlet can support. In my case (France) the maximum allowed is 3600W (16A) which is enough for my need.


2000VA 1400W - Prodotto dall'ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, anzi quasi imbattibile. Naturalmente non può essere di pari livello ai più costosi ma sembra funzionare bene. Il software non è dei migliori per reattività e immediatezza di utilizzo. Per farlo funzionare con il suo software (in vecchio stile, anche troppo!) va cambiata Mega(USB) nel tipo di comunicazione Settings/Installazioni Generali. Di negativo non legge la temperatura interna e l'indicatore della batteria scende subito da 100% al 68%, dopo l'utilizzo adesso sta recuperando meglio questo aspetto credo dovuto alle batterie ferme da tempo e nuove. Comprato dalla Polonia e arrivato perfettamente integro e senza alcun danno, costo spedizione 5 euro.