Green Cell Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS 600VA 360W with LCD Display | EU VERSION | 2x Schuko Sockets

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  • The Green Cell UPS emergency power supply provides full protection for any connected equipment during power loss and voltage spikes. With it you can safely save your work and safely switch off the device.
  • With a total power of 360W and an apparent power of 600VA the UPS is equipped with AGM Green Cell batteries, which provide stable parameters for your equipment.
  • Using the latest technology, we have achieved a maximally short time to switch UPS into battery power mode of 2-6 milliseconds and a back-up time of even 20 min depending on the load.
  • Original software provides comprehensive to manage the UPS from the computer. The application ensures simple and intuitive use without any problems. DOWNLOAD HERE.
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What is a UPS?
What is it used for?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device designed to provide power when the power goes out. A sudden outage can cause not only the loss of important data, but also damage to equipment. With a UPS connected, you gain time to save your work and safely shut down your equipment.

    A Green Cell UPS:
  • protects devices connected to it against power cuts, thus preserving work results,
  • regulates the output current parameters, ensuring the correct voltage in the event of a failure,
  • has a dedicated RJ45 socket to protect your laptop, router or other devices against surges, for example.
Alarm systems
Cash registers
Radio and TV equipment

The UPS itself is not everything! At Green Cell, we have also developed a dedicated, free app to support its operation.

    The application allows you to:
  • track UPS operating parameters,
  • schedule your operations during a power failure,
  • set up e-mail notifications,
  • to remotely connect to the app within your home network.

This is the best UPS add-on from Green Cell!

The perfect project

When designing the UPS, we took care of every aspect. By combining maximum functionality with a unique design, we have created a device that looks great and blends in with any environment. What`s more - to make using the UPS as convenient as possible, we have equipped it with an easy-to-read LCD display that provides information on many important operating parameters and a dedicated application that makes it easy to use.

Type of UPS

Offline - this is the simplest and least functional type of UPS. Provides power straight from the mains and automatically switches to emergency power in the event of a power failure. Not offered by the Green Cell brand.

GC Line interactive AVR - a more advanced type of UPS. It is equipped with an automatic voltage stabiliser that not only protects against power loss, but also against changes in the optimum voltage parameters. It guarantees the complete safety of any equipment connected to it. The switching time is less than 10 ms.

GC Online - the most advanced type of UPS. It continuously and twice converts the energy taken from the mains and charges the batteries (AC-DC-AC conversion), thus providing a protective barrier between mains surges and connected equipment. There is no switching time (0 ms).

Essential parameters

Indicates how many and which devices the power supply unit is able to supply with electricity. In order to meet the requirements of users, Green Cell UPSs are equipped with the highest quality AGM batteries, which achieve a service life of up to 5 years, thus ensuring the best efficiency. To ensure that the UPS fulfils its full purpose, it is important to choose a model with a power output that exceeds the total power of the devices connected to it. The Green Cell range includes UPSs with capacities from 360 - 2,700 watts, so it is possible to select the precise unit to suit your needs.

Switching time

This determines how quickly the UPS reacts in the event of a power failure. Green Cell Power Proof uninterruptible power supplies guarantee the lowest switching times - even less than 10 ms (Line Interactive AVR) and, for equipment particularly sensitive to power cuts, 0 ms (GC UPS Online), while maintaining absolute continuity of energy. In this way, they ensure the complete safety of the equipment, without affecting its operation.

Pure or modified sine wave?

Depending on what appliances will be supported by the UPS, a pure or modified sine wave variant can be chosen.

If the appliance requires a pure sine wave, i.e. the same as that found in an electrical socket (e.g. fridge, microwave and other appliances with an induction motor), a UPS with pure sine wave is better suited. Check here.

For less demanding appliances, such as light bulbs, a laptop, a kettle, a computer or any other appliance that runs on a modified sine wave without problems, a UPS with a modified sine wave can be chosen. Check here.

  • LCD Display
  • USB port
  • RJ11 sockets
  • 2x Network output (Schuko)
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Battery 1 x 12V/7Ah
Power 360W
Voltage 230V
Condition New
Warranty 24 months (12 months for battery)
Manufacturer Green Cell
Dimensions 298x101x142mm
Weight 4.25kg
Type Tower
Input Voltage 220/230/240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 230V AC
Output frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (automatic detection)
Response time 2-6 ms
Sine wave type Modified sine wave
Return policy up to 30 days
Charging time 4-6h
Communication USB
Sockets 2x Schuko
Apparent power 600VA-999VA
Topology Line-Interactive AVR
Protections thermal, overvoltage, short-circuit
Protection against overvoltage RJ11
Product code UPS01LCD
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Comment confirmed by purchase

Comment confirmed by purchase

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très bien - communication excellente - livraison rapide

Comment confirmed by purchase

Comment confirmed by purchase

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Hatte die ersten 2,5 Jahre super mit meiner Synology NAS funktioniert und die Synology fuhr jedes Mal sauber herunter und anschließend wieder hoch.
Als nach einem halben Jahr darauf erneut ein kurzer Stromausfall (5 Sek) war, war die USV leider defekt.

Comment confirmed by purchase

Comment confirmed by purchase

star star star star star

Great but how to stop the alarm during power cut? I din't find any way and it is a bit disturbing during work time

Comment confirmed by purchase

Comment confirmed by purchase

star star star star empty-star

Eine gute und preiswerte USV/UPS. Ich nutze Sie für meine Synology NAS. Das einzige was leider nicht funktioniert ist das automatische Herunterfahren von der USV durch NAS beim Stromausfall. Diese Funktion sollte daher bei der NAS nicht aktiviert werden damit die NAS sich wieder automatische hochfahren kann, wenn Strom wieder da ist. Das zweite was mich minimal stört, dass man die Beleuchtung vom Display der USV nicht dimmen kann. Wenn diese zwei Sachen funktionieren würden wäre es die beste USV. Ansonsten bin ich zufrieden und kann es empfehlen.

Comment confirmed by purchase

Comment confirmed by purchase

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Nach 2 Jahren defekt, Spielzeug!!!!

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