Docking Station, Adapter, HUB USB-C HDMI Green Cell - 7 ports for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Lenovo X1 Carbon and others

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  • Extend one USB-C to seven the most useful for work inputs, which can be used simultaneously and increase your possibilities
  • Available inputs: USB-C, USB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, HDMI 4K, microSD, SD
  • Fast phone and computer charging by pass-through HUB technology by Power Delivery
  • Use HUB as a docking station for the computer or switch your Samsung phone with DeX into computer


Extend your possibilities


Advanced protecting electronics, modern design, small sizes and universality make Green Cell Adapter irreplaceable if you want to extend your device’s possibilities. Change one slot into 7 and enjoy yourself with unlimited possibilities of e.g. transmitting data, pictures and fast charging by a single device.




Green Cell Adapter is a perfect solution for using many different ports at the same time. It will be the most suitable for users of the newest Apple MacBook, Chromebook and Zenbook – the only models equipped with the latest USB-C slot.

Application of the most popular on the market inputs allows you to change your USB-C port into e.g. fast charger, memory cards’ reader, 4K photo transmitter or a connector for standard USB-A devices. Additionally, it can replace DeX station and other PC Mode systems e.g. Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, Note 8 or Huawei Mate 10 which enables you to use your smartphone as easily as your computer.


Everything you need close at hand

Adapter has 7 outputs extending the device’s functionality.

You could find such inputs as: 


And that all is closed in a compact, unibody case in size of 30mm x 109mm x 12,5mm.


Switch your phone into computer by Samsung Dex

Samsung DeX enables you to connect Galaxy S8/S8+, S9/S9+ or Note8 to the screen, keyboard or to the mouse and use it as an efficient mini-computer ready for work.

You have to simply connect your phone and charger to the Green Cell adapter and the system will start automatically. Now, in personalized computer interface, you can use applications, view documents, create graphics and many, many more. At the same time all phone functions are available.

Nothing simpler...



Power Delivery technology allows you to use Green Cell adapter as a charger by pass-through system.  It is enough to connect the charger to the adapter and electronics will automatically sets parameters appropriate to charge your device.


Fast charging

USB slot available in our device supports fast charging technology, which makes charging even 4x faster.



Condition New
Colour Silver
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Size 30mm x 109mm x 12,5mm
Weight 60g
Product code AK50
Ports devices USB-C, USB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, HDMI 4K (30Hz), microSD, SD


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This USB C hub is good quality and working well on my MacBook. Small and convenient to take it with me. And the speed of transporting documents is fast.

star star star star star

This device is great, bought it for my Galaxy S9 to use as a DEX station

star star star star star

So far so good, HDMI and USB works fine. Good point for me - logo is stylish and nicely placed. Overall premium quality

star star star star star

Moving to a new Macbook I felt pretty constrained on ports. This fixed that and gave me better connectivity than my old Mac. Altogether a better upgrade than USB C only system makers are selling right now.

star star star star star

I use this everyday and it's so perfect to transfer and take things from my Dell XPS laptop. I never regret buying this. Is a very good product and has a good quality, I definitely recommend it.

star star star star star

Awesome little gadget, I use it on my surface pro and my galaxy note 9

star star star star star

Does what it needs...very versatile!

star star star star star

Spot on, much better quality than I expected, and all ports are nice and tight. Quality little item, love that it has pass-through system

star star star star star

Great little adapter for my Surface Go. Been able to connect to all sorts.

star star star star star

Works exactly as promised, love it and great price compared to the Samsung version which is much more expensive

star star star star star

Use this to connect my Huawei mate 10 pro to my hdmi TV and charge it at the same time. Works flawlessly. Great build quality

star star star star star

Very good product. Allows me to use my existing peripherals on my HP Spectre which only has one USB port otherwise. Blends in colourwise too.

star star star star star

Great hub for my Macbook Pro

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