All-in travel kit for the family with fast multi-port charger, capacious 20000mAh powerbank and USB-C cable kit + case

  • A compact set allowing the whole family to quickly charge their devices.
  • The GC PowerGaN universal charger will power your laptop (e.g. MacBook, Lenovo, HP), tablet (e.g. iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab), smartphone (e.g. iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22) and other accessories (headphones, Nintendo Switch)
  • A high-capacity powerbank giving up to 72 additional hours of operation for your devices
  • Practical case for storage with a set of fast charging cables.
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The whole family fully charged

A kit to make any journey relaxing. Dedicated to all travelling families, the Green Cell kit provides a quick energy boost not only in the comfort of your hotel room or with your family, but also for recharging your devices when you are on the road.

-Modern solid-state charger GC PowerGaN 65 W with which you can quickly charge most of the devices you own at the same time including ultrabook, tablet, phone, headphones or watch.
-The high-capacity PowerPlay 20 powerbank with which you can quickly refill several phones on a single charge
-Two high-speed USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery cables perfect for charging ultrabooks, tablets, portable consoles or phones
-Long 2 metre USB-A to USB-C cable so you can charge your phone without interrupting an immersive game, series or creative workflow

You'll be able to take it all with you in a practical, rigid case finished inside with a soft material designed to be friendly to your electronics.

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GC PowerPlay20

GC PowerPlay20 is the second powerbank in the PowerPlay family. To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers we have increased its capacity to 20.000mAh so you will never run out of power, and you can also share it with others!

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GC PowerGaN 65 W - one charger for your devices

GC PowerGaN is a universal charger that will allow you to power the devices you use every day. Power your laptop, ultrabook, tablet, phone, headphones - with 65W of charger power you can power any of these devices, and with three ports (2x USB-C and 1x USB-A) you will be able to charge them simultaneously. No more multiple chargers and tangled cables!

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Fast charging

Thanks to the support of the Power Delivery (60W) standard, you can take advantage of fast charging, which will save time by charging the device with the highest power that is safe for it. Fast data transfer (480 Mbps) enables efficient and effective work with files, and the support for Quick Charge 3.0 and Ultra Charge technologies means that we are able to charge our smartphone up to 3x faster.

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Unmatched durability

The GC PowerStream USB-C cable braid is made of durable polypropylene threads, which not only look elegant, but also protect the cable against abrasions and bends. The use of Kevlar fibers that run along the cable prevents it from tearing, and the multi-level cable sheathing ensures perfect cable operation.


Included GC PowerPlay 20 power bank, GC PowerGaN 65W mains charger, 2x GC PowerStream USB-C - USB-C 1.2m PD 60W cable, GC Ray USB-A-USB-C 2m LED cable, Travel case
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