Auto Spannungswandler Green Cell ® 24V do 230V, 150W/300W Volles Sinusoid

Our Green Cell power inverters are devices, that alter the current 24V DC from a car socket to 230V. Using this solution, you can use any device while on the road, wherever you go. This specific model is intented to be installed on current. The device delivers power in form of a pure sine wave, which enables the use of ANY kind of device.
  • Sein Sie immer verbunden - Der Wechselrichter ist ein Gerät, welches ermöglicht, elektrische Geräte überall zu benutzen, auch wenn du nicht an der Stromquelle bist
  • Universalität - Der Green Cell-Wechselrichter verfügt nicht nur über Steckdosen, an die Sie elektrische Geräte anschließen können, sondern auch über einen USB-Anschluss zum Laden kleinerer Geräte wie Smartphones und Tablets
  • Absolute Sicherheit - machrn Sie sich keine Sorgen um Überspannungen. Der Wechselrichter verfügt über eine ganze Reihe von Sicherheitsmerkmalen und Sicherheitsbescheinigungen, um einen reibungslosen Betrieb zu gewährleisten
  • Reiner Sinus - arbeitet perfekt mit Geräten zusammen, die eine kontinuierliche Stromversorgung mit dem gleichen Strom wie in der Steckdose benötigen. Dazu gehören Bohrmaschinen, Baumaschinen, Solaranlagen, Öfen und Zentralheizungspumpen
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Unlimited possibilities

Inverter is a device which changes a direct current voltage from the car accumulator or car ligter into an alternating current ~230V. Exactly the same signal is in every power plug in Europe . Inverter is an excelent choice for everyone who travels by car, camper or a truck. It will be perfect in places without direct access to power plugs.




Power Supply

Well-thought construction

The device has been designed for the highest comfort of using. The front of the inverter is equipped with a main socket adapted to plugs used in Europe. It also has a USB port, thanks to which we can charge our smartphone, e-book reader or any other device that can be connected via a USB port.

At the back of the inverter there is a fan ensuring proper cooling of the device.

The whole was closed in a small,The whole was closed in a small, yet very durable casing. It is made of high quality aluminum, making it resistant to all mechanical damage and shock during travel. In addition, thanks to the materials used, the inverter is very light.

Parameters that matters

Looking for a converter, pay attention to parameters such as voltage [V] and power [W]. This is crucial because the choice of a converter with a bad input voltage or too low power will not allow our devices to work.

The first parameter to be determined is the voltage of our battery, which should be fully compatible with that given on the inverter. The most common voltage value is 12V, occurring in cars, campers and some trucks, and 24V, mainly used in lorries.

After choosing the voltage, decide what power of converter will be suitable. It has a key aspect, because it tells us how much and what equipment is able to supply electricity to. If we want to connect the selected device to the inverter, we need to check on the nameplate, what power it consumes (if you want to connect a more devices, the powers should be added up). The power taken by your devices should not exceed 85% of the inverter's rated power! For example, for a laptop that consumes 100W of power and a fridge that consumes 300W, the appropriate inverter will be 500W and larger.

Why a pure sine wave?

Selecting a converter with a pure (otherwise full) sinusoid is the safest solution, because it is the same current as in the sockets in Europe. An inverter with such a signal allows you to power all devices, even the most sensitive to current parameters. Choosing a pure sine wave, you do not have to worry about the work of connected devices!

Intelligent Fan

An intelligent fan switches on automatically when the operating temperature exceeds the permissible to ensure the correct temperature of the device. Made of the highest quality materials and perfectly matched to the frame, it ensures uncompromising silence and high performance at the same time.




Safety first

The inverter has been equipped with a number of necessary protections to protect the user and connected devices. This is confirmed by the CE and RoHS certificates, which mean a guarantee of safety. To ensure maximum safety all Green Cell inverters are equipped with a replaceable fuses, which provides the protection for the inverter and the connected devices. The replacement of the fuse is very simple and should not cause any problems. Spare fuses are included with every inverter to ensure safety of use and as long working life of the device as possible.

Short circuit protection

Voltage monitoring


Heat protection

All you need close at hand

The set includes the most important accessories for safe operation of your device:

  • / Cables that allow direct connection to the battery
  • / Cable that allows you to connect converters to the cigarette lighter socket
  • / Spare fuses
  • / User manual


Condition New
Overheat protection Yes
Effectiveness 85%
Colour Black
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Input Voltage 24V DC
Output Voltage 230V AC
Output frequency 50Hz
Surge protection Yes
Usable power (continuous) 150W
Sine wave type Pure sine wave
Instantaneous power (impulsive) 300W
Product code INV30
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