Green Cell PRO Car Power Inverter Converter 12V to 230V 2000W/4000W Pure sine

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Our Green Cell power inverters are devices, that alter the current 12V DC from a car socket to 230V. Using this solution, you can use any device while on the road, wherever you go. This specific model is intented to be installed on current. The device delivers power in form of a pure sine wave, which enables the use of ANY kind of device.
  • Stay connected - Car inverter is a device that allows you to use electronic devices wherever you are, even when away from the power source
  • Versale and adaptable - Green Cell Pro inverter is not only equipted in sockets to which you can connect electrical devices, but it also has a USB port suitable to charge smaller gadgets such as a smartphone or a tablet
  • Safety at all times - our Green Cell Pro inverter has a number of protections and certifications against overvoltaging, to make sure your devices not only run smoothly but also assures safety
  • Pure sine wave - works perfectly with devices that require continuous power supply identical to the one in the socket. These include laptops, refrigerators, TV sets and the most sensitive ones - solar panels, stoves and central heating pumps
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Green Cell PRO

Go for full mobility

Great opportunities in a compact housing

A converter, also called an inverter, is a device whose task is to change the DC voltage from the battery or lighter sockets for AC ~230V.. Exactly the same voltage is present in every socket at home throughout Europe. The converter is an excellent choice for people travelling by car, camcorder or truck - thanks to it, you can freely use all the necessary devices that need a socket to operate.

Why is the inverter PRO?

The Green Cell PRO inverters are characterised by the use of first-class components, which makes them extremely efficient and durable. This enables their trouble-free use in photovoltaic systems, which are slowly becoming an energy standard for, among others, households, boats and mobile homes powered by solar energy.

Accessories included in the kit:

  • / Cable for connecting the converters to the cigarette lighter socket in the car
  • / Cable for connecting to the crocodile-terminated battery
  • / User manual

Thoughtful design

The unit has been designed to be as convenient as possible to use. The front of the inverter is equipped with a mains socket adapted to the plugs used throughout Europe and a USB port, that charges our smartphone, e-book reader and any other device that can be connected via USB.

The back of the inverter houses a fan to ensure adequate cooling of the unit.

The whole thing is housed in a small but very robust case. It is made of high-quality aluminium, so it is resistant to all mechanical damage and shocks during travel. In addition, the inverter is very light thanks to the materials used.

Parameters that are relevant

When looking for an inverter, pay attention to parameters such as voltage [V] and power [W]. This is crucial because choosing an inverter with the wrong input voltage or too little power will not allow our units to work.

The first parameter to determine is the voltage of our battery, which should fully match the voltage indicated on the inverter. The most common voltage value is 12V, which is found in cars, RVs and some trucks, and 24V, which is mainly used in trucks.

After the voltage has been selected, you must decide which inverter power will be appropriate informs us how much and which appliances are able to supply power. If we want to connect a selected appliance to the inverter, we need to check on the nameplate what power it consumes (if we want to connect several appliances, the power should be added). The power consumed by your device should not exceed 85% of the inverter's rated power! For example, for a laptop with 100 W and a heater with 300 W, an inverter with 500 W and more is suitable.

Why a pure sine wave?

Choosing an inverter with a pure (a.k.a. full) sine wave is the safest solution, as this is the same current as that found in European sockets. An inverter with such a signal allows you to power all devices, even the most sensitive ones. By choosing pure sine wave, you do not have to worry about the operation of the connected devices!

Intelligent fan

The correct temperature of the unit is monitored by anintelligent fan, that automatically switches on when the operating temperature exceeds the permissible temperature. Thanks to the highest-quality materials and a perfect fit with the housing,ensures uncompromising silence with consistently high performance.




Sicherheit hauptsächlich

The inverter was equipped with mit einer Reihe von notwendigen a number of necessary safety precautions to protect the user and the connected devices. This is confirmed by CE and RoHS certificates that guarantee safety.

Green Cell inverters have a replaceable fuse, which provides the necessary protection for the inverter and connected equipment. Its replacement is very simple and should not cause any problems for anyone.

against short circuit

voltage and intensity




Condition New
Overheat protection Yes
Effectiveness 90%
Colour Black
Warranty 24 months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Dimensions 332x209x93mm
Dimensions with mounting bracket 34,9cm x 20,9cm x 9,5cm
Weight 4712g
Input Voltage 12V DC
Output Voltage 230V AC
Output frequency 50Hz
Surge protection Yes
Usable power (continuous) 2000W
Sine wave type Pure sine wave
Instantaneous power (impulsive) 4000W
Fuse Value 30A
Number of fuses 6
No-load power consumption 1,8A
Product code INVGC11
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