Battery A1457 for Apple iPhone 5S

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Green Cell battery is perfectly matched and fully compatible with Apple iPhone 5S. Advanced battery control system guarantees efficient and safe usage, while the high-quality cells ensure long life and longevity.
  • Give your smartphone a new life with the original Green Cell battery!
  • Dedicated Green Cell batteries are brand new, and the declared capacity is real battery capacity.
  • High-end control electronics, fully compatible with your smartphone, transmit accurate information about your battery and its condition.
  • A number of battery protections ensure long-term operation and complete safety of your phone.
16,95 €

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Your smartphone's new life

Bring your smartphone back to life with Green Cell. Battery efficiency is one of the key factors in the convenience of your smartphone. Over time, the factory battery loses its capacity, so we have to reach for the charger or power bank more often. This can be particularly burdensome when travelling or at work. With original Green Cell batteries, you can get your phone back on its feet in minutes!

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Perfectly compatible

Green Cell batteries are brand new and made with maximum precision to guarantee a perfect match with your smartphone. When you decide to purchase, you can be sure that the capacity declared on the box is the real battery capacity. The battery fits perfectly, all dimensions are compatible with a brand new battery. Additionally, Green Cell batteries are ready to install right out of the box.

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Always the highest quality

All Green Cell batteries have passed quality tests, so you can be sure that they are new and have no previous charging cycle. Combined with the highest real capacity and high-end control electronics, you get a battery with perfect condition and compatibility.

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Full safety

Green Cell batteries are equipped with advanced protections which include: over-discharge and overcharge protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection. This ensures proper and safe operation of the battery and your smartphone.

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Replace the battery, not device!

A new battery is a better and more economical alternative than changing your smartphone. Not only will you save money, but you will also take care of the environment. Your favourite phone will gain a new life, and we'll take care of recycling. We collect used batteries in each of our stores and finance activities to promote and support battery recovery and recycling.


Voltage 3.8V
Cells technology Li-Polymer
Cells manufacturer Green Cell
Condition New
Overdischarge protection Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Dimensions 33x91x4mm
Weight 27g
Product code BP31
Average rating: 4.8 (5 opinions)
80% (4 opinions)
20% (1 opinion )
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Telefon wyłączał mi sie czesto resetował. Okazała się juz dostatecznie słaba bateria :) Sam wymieniłem dołączonymi narzędziami po 15min działa :) !



wszystko ok


Wszystko działa jak należy. Nie ma co przepłacać za usługę wymiany baterii, można to zrobić szybko samemu dzięki załączonym narzędziom. Każdy laik sobie poradzi. Zamówienie zrealizowane bardzo szybko. Super obsługa.


Nach einer Pleite mit einem anderen Fabrikat habe ich mit diesem Akku offensichtlich ein gutes Produkt bestellt. Es ist passgenau und vor allem scheint nach dem bisherigen Verlauf auch die Kapazität gut bis sehr gut zu sein. Leider ist ja nun unter iOS12 für mein IPhone 5s keine Kapazitätsmessung mehr vorgesehen, aber gefühlsmäßig bin ich nach einer Woche mit der Leisung des Akku sehr zufrieden. Für den Einbau wären die Klebestreifen für mich hilfreicher gewesen als das mitgelieferte Werkzeug, das inzwischen aus anderen Reparaursets bei mir bereits mehr als ausreichend vorhanden ist.


funktioniert wie erwartet.