Stop limiting yourself - GC Connect 7 in 1!

It has been created by Green Cell engineers who have customized it for the most demanding users, who value smoothness of operation and the quality of a device that can easily handle even the most demanding situations.

Features you will love

The device is not only our signature design, but a range of parameters appreciated by technology lovers!

1) 4K 60Hz for incredibly detailed and smooth images

2) 3 high-speed USB-A ports to connect a wide range of accessories

3) USB-C PD 85W to power your devices while using GC Connect

4) SD card reader so you can easily pursue your creative passions

5) compatibility with modern laptops (such as the Apple MacBook M1/ M2)

Throw it in your laptop bag and open up to completely new possibilities with GC Connect!

Useful for creative people

The GC Connect will be ideal for everyday work in the office as well as the creative one of any photographer or graphic designer. When you're done working, you'll also appreciate its features by watching a film on an external monitor or TV in excellent quality.

All thanks to a device that fits in the hand and weighs as much as a tennis ball!

GC Connect - your way to more efficient work and better entertainment.

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