A new product from Green Cell - a powerbank that will start your car!

Soon we will present our latest product to you. The premiere is knocking at the door, so now we are lifting the veil of secrecy - get to know GC PowerBoost better.

GC PowerBoost is our latest product, which will soon join our regular offer. It is a mobile starting device, which we have equipped with additional, useful functions. As a car jump starter, it will easily start a discharged battery in passenger cars and in many models of delivery vehicles. It is equipped with cells with a capacity of 16,000 mAh and provides 2,000 A of peak current. This means that the device will start an average passenger car engine even up to 30 times.

PowerBoost also has a feature of a rectifier - it will charge the battery with electricity from the socket or from its own cells. It is a device that will be perfect both for a home garage and during your travels. Thanks to the built-in OLED display, you can quickly check the most important parameters - device operating mode, state of charge, or battery voltage.

As Maciej Mielczarek, Head of R&D in our company says, the preparation of this product was a very interesting adventure: The works on GC PowerBoost lasted several months. Our design team developed the entire concept of the device and took care of the unique design. We also spent a great deal of time testing our project in car dealerships where we have been starting cars in dozens of scenarios.

GC PowerBoost - not only a car jump starter! Get to know all the functions of the device

Our latest product can also be used as a powerbank. PowerBoost has 3 ports (2x USB-A with 18W and USB-C PD with 60W of power), so using this device, you can quickly charge three devices at the same time.

The device is also equipped with a built-in torch. It will work well as additional lighting of the site of a bump, but also during other activities, e.g. when you need to look under the hood.

GC PowerBoost kit includes a USB-C cable, battery terminals and a cover that will protect the device from bruising or damage.

Soon we will reveal more details - including the price and the exact specification. GC PowerBoost will go to the Green Cell offer in November - so you will have time before winter and the season for discharged batteries.

Stay tuned!