The Green Direction: The second part of the ecological campaign

The Green Cell and North companies joined forces a few months ago to help the environment. This time, they are joined in their initiative by, a seller of post-leasing laptops, which operates with a motto: "New is not always better". Promoting recycling and fighting the production of electro-waste, providing customers with ecological education, and inspiring them to give a second life to electronic devices - these are the main goals of the second edition of the "Green Direction" campaign.

The progressive degradation of the natural environment, the climate crisis, and the growing amount of waste – these are the pressing problems of the modern world. To solve them, changes are needed not only at the global, but also at the local level. Instead of throwing away broken equipment, it is often enough to just replace the worn-out elements, as the companies Green Cell and North argued already in the first edition of their campaign.

Thanks to the cooperation with, the new edition of "Green Direction" will gain an even wider pro-ecological dimension and show that old electronic equipment that would end up in a landfill can be used by new users for years to come. The Precio store offers business-class post-leasing laptops, arguing that new devices are not always more functional and user-friendly than second-hand ones.

Even more fun from the green direction

The Green Cell, North and Precio companies want to provide reliable information and encourage the use of spare parts and used equipment through expert articles and communication in social media, showing the benefits of this for both the users and the planet. The "Green Direction" campaign aims to make customers aware of the impact of their daily choices on the environment and of how little is needed to help the Earth.

The promotion of these ideas will additionally be supported by interesting competitions organized by companies participating in the project, as well as special discounts, which will make giving electronics a second life even more beneficial.

The best way to introduce changes is through education – in the field of environmental hazards, electronic waste, closed economy, less waste philosophy, recycling, and equipment repair. All these issues will be brought to the attention of the customers as part of the "Green Direction" project. The campaign is aimed at both individual users of electronic equipment, and companies interested in using pro-ecological solutions. 

The organizers of the campaign hope that the project will make it possible to achieve the long-term effects - extend the life cycle of products, and reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources not only by the customers, but also by the other brands.