The "Green Direction" campaign - there is no planet B

North and Green Cell have joined forces in a joint "Green Direction" project that aims to encourage Poles to ensure a second life for their devices. The campaign's organisers want to promote an economy based on recycling and reduction of electro-waste, and to educate their customers.

Representatives from North and Green Cell argue that even if home appliances stop working after the warranty period, there is no need to throw them in the garbage right away. In most cases, the equipment can be salvaged – by simply replacing the damaged or worn components. Both companies are the source of such accessories on a daily basis.

Green Cell manufactures batteries for hundreds of models of laptops, smartphones, power tools, vacuum cleaners and other devices, and has been developing original projects related to electromobility for several years. The Polish manufacturer reaches more than 60 countries, where it enables the extension of the devices' life cycle and provides mobility and independence to its customers. North, on the other hand, has not only batteries but most importantly 13 million spare parts for household appliances and consumer electronics as part of its product range. The company promotes the idea of DIY repairs and runs its own educational portals. This approach has secured it the title of winner of the prestigious Stena Circular Economy Award 2020.

Education is the key objective of the "Green Direction" campaign - Green Cell and North will address a range of environmental issues, share their insights and suggest ways for customers in which they can contribute to saving the environment.


The "Green Direction" campaign will introduce issues related to:

  • the subject of the circular economy from a manufacturer's perspective,
  • the future of battery equipment in the context of environmental protection and the transition away from combustion devices,
  • the introduction of the right to repair and its repercussions on the household appliances and consumer electronics market,
  • benefits and drawbacks of current and future amendments to EU legislation on the circular economy,
  • the less waste philosophy and the increasingly popular trend of "repair it, don't throw it away", i.e. repairing home appliances by yourself.


The planned campaign will include expert articles on the blogs of both companies as well as broad communication in social media. The CEOs of both companies will also speak on the "Green direction" taken by Green Cell and North. The organisers believe that the "Green Direction" will resonate with consumers, but also with the world of business.