KENO becomes a new distributor of Green Cell

Electric cars are the future of motorization. Electromobility is becoming an essential point in building a sustainable energy world combined with photovoltaic systems. KENO, which has just started distributing Green Cell accessories, thinks so do we. 

KENO is an authorized distributor and manufacturer of photovoltaic systems. The company has built its position in the market thanks to its commitment and experience. The firm supports its customers at every stage of cooperation, which is the foundation of fruitful and long-term cooperation. Our new partner's experience will certainly help us grow and allow us to define the following directions of Green Cell's activities. 

KENO will start distributing our accessories dedicated to electromobility and photovoltaics. The offer will include GC PowerNest, our energy storage facility, which can increase the profitability of PV installations and make them independent of the grid. An additional addition to the offer will be cables, mobile chargers, or wallboxes designed for charging electric cars. 

Combining electric cars with photovoltaic systems is an important step toward building a sustainable energy world. Using PV panels to charge the car makes electric vehicles completely emission-free, and their operation is not harmful to the environment. Together, we want to promote the idea of powering cars with clean energy from the sun - a big money-saver for the user and a huge relief for the planet. An electric vehicle is a good substitute for energy storage - if a household or business that uses a photovoltaic installation produces more energy than it can consume, connecting an electric car is simply a double benefit. - says Michał Dąbrowski, Key Account Manager at Green Cell.

KENO and Green Cell representatives hope the collaboration will bring business and educational success. We want to promote the idea of sustainability, and we are keen to highlight the role of electric cars and photovoltaics in the whole process. 

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