Action becomes a new distributor of Green Cell

Without efficient batteries and solid chargers, it is hard to imagine the future of consumer electronics. This is perfectly understood by ACTION S.A. a company which has just started distributing Green Cell accessories.

Thanks to the new distribution agreement with Action, we are going to gain additional support in contacts with business partners in Poland. The distributor is a listed Polish company with an established position, which has been successfully running a distribution business for 30 years, based on a rich product portfolio from various industries. Its experience will definitely help us to develop sales of new product categories.

- We are very pleased that Action will help us establish relationships with new contractors. Of course, the key goal of the Green Cell brand is to build a position in Western Europe and other continents but we also plan to strengthen our foundations in Poland. Action has proven more than once that it is a very dynamic company making rapid progress. We are also developing at an extremely fast pace. That is why, we are counting on fruitful cooperation - as Michał Dąbrowski – the Key Account Manager at Green Cell mentions.

Action as a distributor of Fresh Energy

Although the cooperation with Action is just at the beginning, the distributor's offer already includes approximately 200 of the most popular Green Cell products. These are mainly accessories for mobile devices, such as USB cables, power banks, chargers and AA/AAA batteries. A large part of the distributed products are also batteries and power adapters for laptops, AGM or UPS batteries. Further product categories will be included in the distribution, and ultimately it will cover the entire portfolio of Green Cell.

- The main task at Action is to constantly meet the expectations of our customers. That is why, we introduce products to the market that facilitate, help and improve their lives. The Green Cell company is perfectly in line with this assumption and for this reason, we are very happy that we can establish cooperation. We hope that our customers will quickly appreciate Green Cell products that follow the current trends in the markets related to IT, telecommunications and business solutions - as Łukasz Glegolski, the head of the VPM department at ACTION S.A. claims.

We hope that the distribution cooperation will not only bring business success but it will also have an educational dimension - through Green Cell products we intend to promote the idea of sustainable development and convince customers that the life cycle of consumer electronics is worth extending.

More about Action
The ACTION S.A. Capital Group is one of the most important Polish entities on the IT and RTV / AGD / GSM equipment distribution market, as well as a VAD (Action Business Center) distributor and a significant manufacturer of computer equipment. ACTION has already some e-commerce projects: or Since 2006 the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. ACTION distributes products of the largest suppliers in the world. It is also a manufacturer of IT equipment under its own brands: Actina (desktop computers, gaming computers and servers), Activejet (consumables, lighting and power supplying products) and Actis (consumables).

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