2,185 km in a single day – a new Polish record in driving an electric car

Are you wondering whether an electric car can efficiently cover really long distances? Norbert Cała (Techlove.pl) and Dagmara Kowalska (Chilli Zet) proved that it can! In 24 hours, they drove 2,185 km in a Mercedes EQS from Warsaw to Stuttgart. Their achievement has just hit the Polish Records list.

Norbert and Dagmara started their 24-hour drive in Warsaw. The plan was ambitious: set off from Plac Trzech Krzyży (Three Crosses Square), reach the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart and return to Warsaw within 24 hours. Of course, without exceeding the speed limit and including the time to charge.

Instead of going on a closed track, the car drove on public roads and used the generally available chargers. This made the challenge more interesting and more realistic, and the team had to face, among others, a huge traffic jam near Wroclaw.

Difficulties on the way meant that Norbert and Dagmara did not manage to return to Warsaw within 24 hours, but... they set the Polish Record in the distance covered by an electric car in a single day!

Charging is the secret of success

The challenge required an unusual approach to charging the car. The team decided to make more frequent stops by fast chargers to fill up the energy up to 80–85% of the total battery capacity. This meant 10 stops, which gave Norbert and Dagmara time to rest and report on social media and the Chilli Zet radio.

We are even more excited about the team's success because we played our part in it. When we found out that Norbert and Dagmara were taking up this challenge, we supported them with additional energy. During the drive, their mobile devices, video cameras and the cameras used by the team were charged by our power banks – GC PowerPlay Ultra, GC PowerPlay 20, and GC PowerPlay 10.

Congratulations on the idea for the challenge and beating the record! We are sure that their achievement made many people realise that electric cars have an enormous potential.