Green Cell increases its presence in four countries

Our brand strengthens its position in Europe. Battery Empire has started selling Green Cell products in Hungary and Lithuania, and will also appear in Romania and Portugal in the coming weeks.

Batteries, power supplies, chargers and a growing range of electric car accessories – Green Cell offers all of these products to its clients in several dozen countries in the world. Until now, people in Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Portugal placed their orders on the English version of the manufacturer’s website and websites of business partners. Now they will be able to do it through Battery Empire online stores in their native languages. The Hungarian and Lithuanian websites are already up, whereas the Romanian website will open on 19 March and the Portuguese website on 2 April. This possibility will definitely speed up shopping, it will make it easier to contact customer service and it will allow clients to better familiarise themselves with the characteristics of Green Cell devices.

“We always want to be close to the users, know their needs and communicate with them in their language. The growing Battery Empire chain means that we will increase our turnover in Europe even more,” explains Paweł Ochyński, Green Cell’s CEO and founder.

Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Portugal are countries in which Green Cell already has business partners. At the same time, the manufacturer uses e-commerce channels to provide a better access to its accessories. Last year, the company’s income increased by 77% and reached 192 million złotys (approx.. 42 million euros), mostly thanks to the activity on foreign markets.

“I think that out of the four new markets, Romania has the biggest potential. It is a big country, which is undergoing very intense digitisation and this is why it needs access to energy. We provide it in different forms and for various devices, from smartphones to electric cars,” judges Marcin Grząka, Green Cell’s E-commerce Project Manager.

Apart from Battery Empire on-line stores, Green Cell products can also be purchased on, as well as on eBay and Amazon and through the network of distributors.