Green Cell GC HabuDen Wallbox 22kW 32A 5m Cable Type 2 Smart EV Charging Station for Electric Cars with GC App Bluetooth WiFi

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  • HabuDen Intelligent EV Charging Station with Power up to 22 kW. Designed in Poland, Compatible with All Electric Cars with Type 2 Socket.
  • Sleek design, ergonomic handle, and cable lengths of 5 or 7.5 meters ensure maximum user comfort and allow for installation even in tight garages.
  • Smart Charging with the GC App manage your charging sessions from anywhere. All your data and statistics at your fingertips. Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Safety and Comfort in All Weather Conditions, thanks to excellent build quality. Aluminum housing and modern protections.
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Habu Den

Key to the World of Electromobility

Meet HabuDen!

The charging station for electric cars with power tailored to your needs and daily challenges. Whether you need:


It has a cable with a standard Type 2 plug, ensuring wide compatibility with electric vehicles across Europe.

Designed by top Polish specialists and engineers from Green Cell, who prioritize user comfort and safety. With HabuDen, charging your electric car at home has never been so easy.

It is a wallbox created with longevity in mind, following the idea of circularity. This means that all components of the product are not only characterized by excellent durability, but they can also be seamlessly separated for efficient recycling.

Minimalist Design

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Minimalist design and sleek shape not only provide pleasant visual experiences but also surprise with their functionality. HabuDen is ultra-flat, making it fit even in a tight garage.

Its operation is extremely simple and convenient, thanks to the well-shaped charger handle.

Moreover, HabuDen is available in two versions with a 5 m or 7.5 m cable. The 5-meter version is convenient, lighter, and perfect for situations where the distance from the socket to the car is always the same. The 7.5-meter cable gives you full flexibility in connecting regardless of the car's size, parking method, and station location. It is also ideal for double garages.

Connect Wirelessly

Dedicated GC App

Wherever you are, keep up with the most important information about the device's operation. With Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity, as well as a dedicated mobile app, you have full control over each charging session

It's simple and convenient! Check out what the GC App offers:

Clear energy
and constantly
new features

Safety First

For You, Your Car, and the Charger

The HabuDen charging station is crafted with attention to every detail and using durable materials. It can be installed indoors and outdoors. Tested by our specialists, it guarantees safe operation regardless of weather conditions. It has all necessary protections and a mechanical protection rating of IK10, as well as an IP54 sealing class.

Additionally, we ensured that our charger complies with UDT requirements.

Clear LED
sealing class

Maximum Power Trimmer

Seamless Operation

Full adjustment and safety. HabuDen features a built-in maximum power trimmer with an 8-step adjustment scale from 6 A to 32 A. This allows you to easily adjust the power limit to the existing electrical installation.


Smart Features

For Even Greater Convenience

The functional button built into the plug not only opens the charging port flap in Tesla cars but, more importantly, also ends the charging process and unlocks the connector. Additionally, the HabuDen plug is equipped with an LED flashlight to illuminate the socket during connection.


Share Your Energy!


Discover even broader applications with the NFC module. Take control and grant access to the device only to selected users in public places such as shared parking lots in residential areas, hotels, office buildings, or restaurants.

The HabuDen charger is compatible with any card and tag that adheres to the NFC standard. Moreover, one card is included in the set. Do you have multiple chargers? Manage access to all devices from the app, add cards, and share energy with, for example, your restaurant guests.

More Than Just a Charger

Check What's Included in the Set

Along with the HabuDen charger, you receive:

  • A mounting template in the package lid for HabuDen and the holder
  • Type 2 plug cable
  • Functional Habu Holder: a hanger for the cable and plug
  • Expansion bolts for mounting the charger and holder
  • User manual
  • NFC card (only in the version with NFC)

Note: Remember that according to the instructions, the installation of HabuDen must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

EV Check

Verify Compatibility with Your Car

Are you wondering what power you can charge your car with? Do you have the appropriate connection? How quickly will you charge your vehicle? Use the EV Check configurator to see how HabuDen will work with your car!

Discover and experience more with HabuDen - the powerful 22 kW stationary charger.

Discover EV Check


Power 22kW (8-stage regulation)
Voltage 1P 230 VAC / 3P 400 VAC
Warranty 24 months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Dimensions 338 x 211 x 73 mm
Weight 5,51kg
Working temperature from -25°C to +40°C
Certifications IEC 62196, IEC 62752, IEC 60309, EN 300 220-1/2, EN 300 328, EN 301 489-1/17, EN 301 489-1/3,
EN 301 489-1/52, EN 301 511
Included Cable holder
Communication Bluetooth / WiFi
Plug type Type 2
Length 5m
Rated current 32A
Residual current protection RCD-A 30mA AC + RDC-DD 6mA DC
EV charging mode Mode 2
Product code EVGC021A2250
App Yes
Interface LEDs / Application
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