Green Cell Charging Cable Type 1 to Type 2 7.2kW for EV Electric Cars 5 Meters

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  • Don't waste your time - the GC Type 1 cable allows you to charge your electric car as quickly as possible with up to 7,2kW of power. Save up to a few hours by reducing the charging time to the maximum with AC power
  • Unhindered charging - the 5 meter (16.4 ft) GC cable ends with the most common Type 2 plug, allowing your EV to be freely connected to any charging station in Europe
  • Years of durability - Reinforced cable construction allows you to connect this up to 10,000 times - 15 years of trouble-free usage. A number of safety checks ensure years of work as well as resistance to mechanical damage and splashes
  • The GC cable is compatible with all electric cars and hybrids equipped with Type 2 plugs
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Kabel GC Type 1

Charging electric vehicles without restrictions

Choose a quality

Thanks to its 1-phase design and 16 A rated current, the Green Cell Type 1 to EV / PHEV cable enables electric cars with an output of up to 3.6 kW to be charged. It is terminated with type 2 plugs that are operated at charging stations across Europe. The low weight makes it easy to use.

Typ 1

charging power 7.2kW

Rated current


Optimal length

Compatible electric car models
Citroen C-Zero
Ford Focus Electric
Kia Soul
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Renault Fluence
Toyota Prius
Vauxhall Ampera
Nissan LEAF

Durability and security

Thanks to their construction and compliance with strict safety standards, GC cables are perfectly protected against adverse conditions. He is not afraid of splashes, falls or even a vehicle weighing up to 2 tons. In addition, extremely robust connectors offer a durability of over 10,000 connections. In practice, this means daily, trouble-free use of the cable for 15 years.

Strength over
10 000 Connections

Drop resistance and pressure
of 2 tons

Splash guard

Loading without restrictions

You can take the GC Type 1 cable with you on a trip across Europe. The type 2 socket is compatible with practically all charging stations as standard. To make it easier to use, we have also taken care of additional aspects, such as the optimal cable length for the individual stations (either 5 or 7 meters) and the low weight.

One step ahead of everyone

Electric vehicles are an essential part of our future. We would like to congratulate you on your excellent choice and we are one step further from traditional driving. A cleaner environment, a technological advantage or the cost-effectiveness of this solution are just a few of the many advantages of electromobility. We are pleased that we can join you in the new energy wave that will help change the world!


Power 7.2kW
Colour Black
Warranty 24 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Weight 4 kg
Working temperature -30 - 50 °C
Vitality 10 000 cycles
Included Cable, manual, carrying case
Plug type Type 1 - Type 2
Length 5 meters (16.4ft)
Product code EV20
Rated current 32A
Number of phases 1
Level of security IP55
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