Green Cell Car Charger 54W GC PowerRide with Ultra Charge fast charging - 3x USB-A

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  • Shift to a higher gear with GC PowerRide 54W and make charging in your car quick and convenient like never before!
  • Fast 18W USB-A Ultra Charge ports with a total power of 54W will allow independent charging of up to three devices at the same time - even up to 3.5x faster than standard
  • Modern design and green backlight perfectly complement the interior of your car, and a up-to-date security package will take care of charging safety.
  • Perfect compatibility with 12V cigarette lighter sockets found in cars and 24V, which can be found in trucks or motorhomes.
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14,95 €
GC PowerRide
14,95 €
Full charging speed within your reach.
Do not slow down under full load.
Feel independence like never before.
GC PowerRide
Shift into a higher gear

PowerRide changes the game and proves that style and fast charging can go hand to hand.

Equip your car with three independent USB ports, 18W each, and let all passengers enjoy free access to energy.

Champion of every weight category

GC PowerRide provide stable and safe charging for your devices regardless of wether your vehicle is equipped with a 12V or 24V cigarette lighter outlet.

Fast charging
From zero to 100...

Each of the three fast USB ports with a total power of 54W, is equipped with GC Ultra Charge fast charging technology. It is fully compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, Apple 2.4A, Samsung AFC and Huawei FCP. Thanks to this, you can charge up to three devices at the same time up to 3.5x faster than standard. Use 20 minutes of traveling to work to charge your smartphone's battery up to 50%.

Comparison of charging in 30 minutes:
iPhone 11 / XS / X
Standard charger*
Samsung Galaxy S20 / S10
Standard charger*
With design on the way

Stylish design and careful finish make GC PowerRide an elegant addition to your car's interior.

The delicate green illumination of the GC PowerRide ports will allow you to connect the cable quickly and easily even with low visibility. Thanks to this, the charger perfectly harmonizes with GC Ray LED cables, minimizing the time and attention needed to connect any device.
Safety ★★★★★
Well deserved 5 stars

With great power comes great responsibility. Therfore, to guarantee maximum security of power supply for your devices, we have equipped the GC PowerRide charger with a full security package.

Overload protection
Overvoltage protection
Temperature control
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Hit the road with PowerRide

Devices connected to GC PowerRide are not stuck in trafiic. Thanks to the possibility of using the full power of each of the charging ports, we can easily connect it to three demanding devices at once. Regardless of whether you use navigation while traveling, want to charge your smartphone or provide passengers with entertainment for long hours with the Nintendo Switch console - GC PowerRide is a charger that will cope wit every situation!

Illuminate the way of charging every device with cables


Power 54W
Input 12V / 24V
Overheat protection Yes
Colour Black
Warranty 24 months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Dimensions 77x40x30mm
Weight 33.5g
Backlight Yes
Exit 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
Product code CADGC01
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Perfekcja w każdym calu. Trzymając samo opakowanie w ręku wie się ze ma się doczynienia z produktem premium, a sama ładowarka to mistrzostwo. Polecam każdemu

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